The past year of being cooped-up at home and working from our make-shift home offices like our dining tables or beds, which we initially though would be temporary and seemed like a dream, has taken a toll on all of us. The transition of whole families, whether they are students or working from home, has been tough on the entire household. All of us have different working habits, while some of us like to work alone in a quite space, others like to be loud, for either work calls or listening to music. Suffice to say, it is simply not ideal for these different personalities to be holed up in one space affecting the work and productivity of one another and after this year-long compromise, it is finally time to create the perfect work set-up at home.



Taking the time and putting in the thought and effort to create an at-home workspace catering to your needs and style is imperative for your productivity. Surrounding yourself with things that you love or things that liven up your mood is an essential for you to be in the right state of mind. Choosing the right color palette and aesthetic that puts you at ease is a great starting point as you can start styling your room from there.



If you are someone who has a minimalist style and a job that is more technical than creative, then it is best to keep your walls and furniture white with accents of grey and brown in the furniture to break the monotony. You can bring a few in-door plants in the room or your desk to freshen up the space. Choosing the perfect desk and carefully placing, organizing, and styling it to fit your needs is crucial for a productive workday as that is where you will be spending most of your time.



The best way to maintain the simple aesthetic while also bringing character to your workspace is to style your walls. You should opt for calming designs that after hours of staring at a screen will give your eyes a rest. Line art and geometric art are the way to go when you want to relax your mid. Click here for a wide variety of minimalist art and pick the ones that cater to your color palette.



On the other hand, if you are someone with a creative job and aesthetic, then the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Pick bright and lively colors to style your room but don’t forget to throw in a few pastels so the colors don’t become overwhelming. You don’t have to be worried about being super organized, let your personality do the work. Bring colorful decorative trinkets into the room along plants to you can hang on the walls. Fresh flowers on your desk will never fail to rejuvenate you.



A great option to avoid the colors from becoming overpowering is to paint your walls a light pastel color and bring the bright statement colors in the workspace through the styling pieces. Hang inspiring and colorful wall art like landscape, pictures of animals, abstract art, etc., that will always help you through a creative block. Floomingz is an affordable option with a wide range of inspiring art that will surely get your creative juices flowing.


There are countless ways to upgrade your home office depending on the time you have and your budget. These were a few quick and easy upgrading tips to make working from home not only tolerable but also enjoyable.