When it comes to home makeovers and transformation, the quickest and least demanding option to fall back on is bringing is investing in statement pieces. Sometimes a signature piece is just what you need to bring a room together without much effort. You don’t need to break the bank to get a statement piece, in fact it is one of the most cost-effective options for a prompt makeover. Here are some ways to give any room the wow-factor. 



Dress Up Your Wall:

It goes without saying that how you style the wall of your room will make or break the transformation. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and be experimental with it. There is something about an eye-capturing statement piece in a comparatively plain room that just transforms the room into a masterpiece. What that signature piece may be is entirely up to you.

The simplest option is to bring in a beautiful light fixture that just makes you want to look it. it can be antique or modern. Take it a step further and hang wall art underneath the light fixture. You can either go for simpler designs like quotes, black and white line art, and geometric shapes or you can go for bold design with pops of bright colors. We would suggest that you opt for a combination of both for that perfect, attention-grabbing statement wall. Make a stop at Floomingz to find the perfect pieces for your wall.



 Create An Accent Wall:

If you don’t want to accessorize your wall yet still want something eye-catching in your room to elevate the space, an accent wall is the right way to go. Pick the main wall of the room, preferably one that catches the most natural light and choose a color that you think would be unique yet still compliment the room. With that out of the way, all that’s left for you to do is paint the whole wall. Another option is to apply a beautiful wallpaper.

You can leave the wall bare, making a statement of it own or you can add a beautiful clock, modern or antique, to give the wall that extra factor. Be careful not to go overboard with the accessories.

Tip: if you want to elevate the wall even further, you can create 3D accent wall with wall paneling. However, you may have to bring in pro for that.





Bring In a Map:

Take your time and do some research on where you can buy a big map that will cover almost the entire wall. It will make for one of the most unique statement pieces. You might even have a map lying around the house somewhere that you can use for this. You can also get a map printed. Once you’ve found the perfect map, get it framed and hang it up on the most eye-catching wall of the room. This is the perfect combination of a vintage yet modern statement piece. Check out Inspriration Map Artworks here Wall Art – Floomingz 







 Mirrors Are Always a Great Addition:

It's hard to deny that a beautiful mirror is not the perfect addition to any room. Placed properly, mirrors make for amazing statement pieces, especially large ones. Finding a unique frame for the mirror that stands out in the room makes the statement even louder. You can also hang wall art pieces around the mirror or symmetrically add planters for a pop of green.



We hope we were able to inspire you with these ideas to transform your homes whether you want to simply refresh your rooms or completely revamp your interior style.