It takes a keen eye and strategic planning to figure out how to decorate a space that is both sophisticated and kid friendly. Decorating a space with kids in mind is, contrary to popular belief, quite liberating. Ideas that you would have normally cast aside as too bold will suddenly become you go-to. You can easily get away with bright colors and adventurous pattens. With these tips, you can decorate your family home in a grown-up style without making your house feel like a pre-school.

Branch Out from Pinks and Blues

Bringing color and lots of it is very important in a family home. But that does not mean that you must stick withing the confines of the gender-typical blues and pinks. You can opt for a calming, nature-inspired green wallpaper in your kid’s bedroom or another commonly used room of the house. The green wallpaper will emit a fun and exciting energy.

Make Smart Use of The Furniture

The best way to introduce color into the house without making it tacky is through the future. Now we don’t mean get a purple bed, orange dining table, or fuchsia couch. However, you can still use these statement furniture pieces. For example, get a neutral-colored dining table, but get exciting, colorful chairs to add that splash of color. For the couches and beds, you can paint the legs a fun color or accessorize with throw pillows of various colors and patterns.

Display Art, Lots of It!

Art is a must in every home. Hanging a single piece of wall art in a room can instantly bring the room together. For your kid’s room, primarily go for art that will bring nature into the room like animal art and plants. Check out Floomingz for a wide collection at affordable prices. Add wall art of your kid’s favorite cartoon characters, superheroes, or art that holds meaning for you or your kid. Another great options to make your kids feel included in the decorating process is to frame your kid’s art.

Create A Family Room

When decorating a room that is a playroom, media room, and relaxing space for both the kids and adults all in one, it is important to make smart investments. Choose timeless colors and furniture so you don’t have to keep changing them as the kids grow. Involve your kid in the decorating process but make the big choices yourself. Bring in a relaxing cloud couch of your choice that will stay in the room for years and let your kid choose a funky chair or rug that you can easily change when they go out of style. The key is to bring some elements of very member of the family into the room through the décor. 

Decorate Durably!

If you have kids in your house, you know that things can get a little rough. Finding a dirty handprint on your expensive couch is at heartbreaking as hearing your favorite vase break. This is why it is important to make smart choices of furniture, colors, and fabric in a family home. Keep your furniture and decorative material affordable yet classy. Don’t choose colors that are too light, material that breaks easily or fabric that is impossible to clean.


Remember, having kids in the mix doesn’t mean that you must sacrifice style and sophistication in your interior for comfort. With a little planning and smart ideas, you can successfully design a magazine-worthy yet comfortable home for you and your family. We hope these tips were helpful for you to design your perfect family home.