Designing a small bedroom can be very frustrating and overwhelming. If the room is not properly organized, it can quickly start feeling claustrophobic and cluttered instead of feeling like your personal oasis like it should. However, small spaces are not unlivable, they just need a little strategic styling and organization to feel just as roomy as a bigger room. Given below are some ideas to achieve that roomy feel.



Install a Murphy Bed:

Installing a murphy bed is an epic solution to lack of space in small bedrooms. It effectively frees up floor space during the day for other activities and you can easily pull it down at night. You can buy one with shelves at the bottom of the bed which you can utilize when the bed is pulled up. You can also simply attach some wall art pieces at the bottom of the bed for when it is pulled up, so the wall doesn’t look too empty. For when the bed is pulled down, you can hang a statement wall art piece on the nook above the bed. You can find a huge variety at amazing prices here.



Choose A Unique Wallpaper:

Going wild with the interior is hard in a small room but you can’t go wrong with the right wallpaper. Choose a bright and unique wallpaper to liven up the room and cover only on wall of the room with it. You can also simply choose a smaller corner in the room to cover the wallpaper with.



Make The Room Horizontal:

Horizontal patterns will give the illusion of a wider and more open room. Install horizontal wood planks on the walls to make the room appear more spacious. You can also opt for a wallpaper with horizontal patterns.



Go Bright, Not Plain:

Paint your room a light pastel color or simply white to give it an open feel. In a small room, painting a dark color can make the room feel cramped. However, by going all white, you can risk making the room feel rather clinal which is why it’s essential to break the color somehow.


The point is utilizing all the space without over-accessorizing and creating a mess. While all the other walls should be used for shelving and storage purposes, the wall behind your bed can be used to introduce some color into the room through art. Arranging a few small artworks symmetrically on the wall will maintain the organized vibe you are going for.

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Use Wall-Mounted Lights:

Using table lamps or floor lamps in a room with limited space is not a smart idea. Instead use scones on the bedsides, preferably with adjustable arms, to maximize your space.



Add Mirrors for Better Light:

Apart from the vanity mirror, hang smaller decorative mirrors on the walls. They bounce and reflect light throughout the space, creating the optical illusion of bigger room.



Use Your Headboard as Storage:

In a small room, it is better to ditch the typical style of headboards and opt for a storage headboard with wide surface area. You can use the headboard as a nightstand, side tables, and storage unit. Getting rid of side tables will create room for other things and minimize clutter.


A comfortable and cozy room is key to getting a good night’s sleep. Remember, in smaller rooms, less is more. Try to avoid clutter as much as possible and stay organized. We hope we were able to help you with these ideas to make your bedroom your haven.