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Privacy Policy introduction

We, at Floomingz, are committed to ensuring that the privacy and security of our customers and site users is always protected. As an online business, we understand the significance of online security and data privacy. Therefore, it is our responsibility to keep you, as our customers, informed and content with how we use and manage your information.

There are three possible ways through which we can collect your information when you visit or use our website.

  • The data that you directly provide us with when you sign up on our website and create an account; place an order to purchase our products; or contact us directly for a query. Attaining this information requires a direct and voluntary action from you.

  • The data that we obtain from other social media accounts after receiving your permission. Social media plays a big role to enable interaction with our consumers. Depending on your privacy settings, if you choose to link your Facebook account or another account to Floomingz, you may authorize us to obtain information from these accounts. Or if you choose to provide us with your location data by using the website on your phone. This information can only be obtained depending on your privacy settings.

  • The data collected from auto data collecting systems when you use our website, or a website linked to our site. For example, we use “Cookies” to save certain information like your language preference on or website, so you don’t have to change them every time you visit our site. Moreover, depending on the settings of the device that you are using Floomingz with, we may attain information like what type of device you are using, its settings, operating system etc. the cookies on our website are of various types used for the main purposes of improving your shopping experience and site functionality, saving your preferences on the site, allowing smooth navigation etc.

Floomingz values the trust you put in us and will never sell your data or private information name, e-mail, address, number, or payment information to any third party. We will not share or give your information to advertisers or data miners.

We only share your information as a result of some legal process where it is deemed absolutely necessary by law to disclose such information.