Being stuck in our houses for well over a year and with the pandemic slithering its way into its second year, we have been stuck staring at the same boring walls for a lot longer than we initially anticipated. Our home that was once a safe-haven and a welcome escape from a tiring day of work and running chores has now slowly but surely started to make us feel trapped. In these bleak times, redecorating is just what we need to lift our spirits and spruce up our homes.



As an outcome of the pandemic and the uncertainties stemmed from it, a lot of us have become considerably more mindful of our spending habits which is especially great when you have a lot of big plans for redecorating your house but a menacing budget constraint. Here’s a few helpful ways to revamp your house without breaking the bank.



Create A Gallery Wall:

Jazzing up your walls is the simplest and most effective way to redecorate your home. Buy a few affordable wall art pieces of various designs and sizes, preferably minimalistic. The designs can include line art, geometric or abstract shapes, simple textures pieces, quotes, symbolic art, etc. Along with the minimalistic designs, buy various statement pieces to add splashes of color here and there to avoid monotony in the gallery wall. You can arrange the frames on the symmetrically or randomly depending on your preference and the number of frames. Click here for some creative, affordable options.


Tip: You can take pictures of animals, plants, flowers, or inanimate things around your house, print them out in various sizes, put them in frames, and them to the gallery wall.



The Power of Paint:

If you have old paint lying around somewhere in the house, then bring out your brushes and start painting. Choose a lively color that goes well with the curtains and the rest of your furniture and paint the most eye-catching wall of the room.  Style the wall with wall art pieces complimenting the wall.


Tip: If you do not have paint at home already, buy a few samples of your desired color as they are much cheaper.


If you do not feel confident enough to take on a big project, you can start by paining smaller things like worn-out wooden furniture or decorative pieces around the house by using spray paint or samples.



Statement Art:

A wall-sized painting or artwork, something abstract or symbolic, is an effective way to instantly spice up a room’s décor.



Bring In-Door Plants to Freshen Up Your Home:

Place household and low maintenance plants around your room, kitchen and living room to liven up the space. You can also place flowers around your windows if you have sunlight coming in. Taking care of the plants in your house can also become an escape from the world whenever you want to detoxify.



Rearrange Your House:

Rearranging the furniture, art, or decoration pieces in your house is hands-down the easiest and the most cost-effective way of redecorating your house and making a room feel brand-new.


Moreover, changing the placement of other furniture like bed, couches, dressers, mirrors, in the room or switching it with a different room can immediately revamp the place. If you have wall art hanging, you can try switching their placement for a minor change.


So, there you have it! Five easy and affordable ways to redecorate your home. Of course, there are various other budget-friendly ways to redecorate. The trick is to work smart and find the hack that best suits your living space and your style.