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Born in 1991 in Iraq, Ali AI-Sammarraie is an Architect and an Urban Designer at Perkins+Will. He graduated with a B.Arch from American university of Sharjah and Louisiana state university, USA. While studying architecture, he continues to pursue interests in academic research, design and drawing that combine architecture, art and society.


Based in Istanbul, Turkish artist and graphic designer Ali Gulec has an eye for images that oscillate between the macabre, irreverent, and absurd.


Tres Ases artist (Almudena Angoso Alvarez) was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1989. Painting has been part of her life since her childhood as her grandma shared with her the love for painting when she was a little girl. She travelled to Africa, India and other places around the world, and all of these experiences drove her to represent the soul, the inner world of the human being, through people from many different cultures, under the thought that we are all one living in many different lives.


Amini54 finds inspiration from everything in life. From nature, art, or just a mood. Curious and persistent, he explores art with a spirit of adventure and a love of play. He creates art in abstracts, plants and nature, and often mash them together with other ideas to create new imagery.


Anna Johansson is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Today, working as a Creative Director of a Scandinavian shoe brand, she unfolds her creativity both during her working hours and when she comes home. For Johansson, art is all-consuming."Art should not be so complicated. I want to invite people into my artistic world and blur out the boundaries between difficult and complex art with a few flicks of colour and dashes here and there." 


Artist Artem Pozdniakov creates compelling imagery by combining vibrant colours and insightful humour. These bold and vibrant digital collages are inspired by events, scenes, and interactions he observes in his day-to-day. You will also find hidden meaning within all of Artem's work. However, he invites the viewer to interpret his works as they please. Book covers, wine labels and album covers are just a few of the many applications that Artem's work has been used for. After majoring in art direction while studying advertising at the Workshop Academy (Russia), he now works as Creative Director by day and develops his personal art project "360 Brain" by night. Artem currently works and resides in Moscow, Russia.


Balazs Solti is a self-taught freelance illustrator from Budapest, Hungary. In his works he combines modern design influence and affection for pop culture to create detailed graphics with a little humor including a collection of animal and skull portraits.


I have clear memories of sitting at the kitchen table as a kid, making one drawing after the other. And I guess I never stopped. I am blessed with the ability to not  having any other talents, which made my career choice so much easier.  I started off as an Art Director right after art school but I felt closer to illustration and design so I decided to see if I could do that for a living, at least for a while. I am happy to say that I am still an illustrator that does design work and some art direction from time to time.I did my first job for Wallpaper magazine in late 1998 and that opened a lot of doors for me, for which I am truly thankful. It has lead to a career where I get to work with people from different corners of the world.The images you see here are from different side projects that I am working on as soon as I get a chance. My only motivation when I do these is that it should be fun to do and hopefully spread some happiness.Solti is a self-taught freelance illustrator from Budapest, Hungary. In his works he combines modern design influence and affection for pop culture to create detailed graphics with a little humor including a collection of animal and skull portraits.


"Kaleidoscoping and triangleizing and simplifying the world!"Berlin-based designer Boris Draschoff creates art that follows the literal translation from Greek of the word 'kaleido­scope', meaning 'observation of beautiful forms'. Simplifying subjects, he reduces them to their essentials. Whether he is restructuring shapes and colours along cubist lines, or creating awesomely outrageous pop-artsy collages in a playground of pastels, he can always be trusted to turn your perspective around. 


Chris used to work as a software engineer in Silicon Valley but one day he decided to quit his job and do photography instead. Being born in Austria he has a close relationship to the mountains and nature. That's probably the reason why became a Landscape Photographer. But Chris lived in different parts of the world like California and Hawaii where he discovered his love for the ocean, surfing and traveling. Today Chris travels around the world to extraordinary locations to follow his passion of Travel, Adventure and Landscape Photography.

Caty Cordahi

Caty Cordahi is a French artist painter living in the GCC region since the last 15 years, currently based in Dubai.She exhibited in France, Germany, Oman and UAE for solo and group exhibitions and her work is part of private and corporate collections in these countries.Her artistic style lies at the intersection of abstract and figurative art in a very expressive way. Her style is immediately recognizable like a signature with dynamic, spontaneous and simple lines that transcend traditional representation. A kind of pictural writing.The result is a suggestive figurative style: the ephemeral figurative…to underline the fragility of humanity, the fragility of Nature


Mantika Studio is a young design label run by Christina Wolff. The studio was founded in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, and settled in Frankfurt, Germany, by now. Christina's work varies from minimalist illustrations to outdoor themed watercolour art and is influenced by her love for botanical and floral designs.

Diana and Ronnie

Diana and Ronnie from the Netherlands, storytellers who likes the adventure and explore the world. They like to meet other cultures and enjoy the beauty of the world. Inspired by the desert and the mountains. Diana and Ronnie loves the Sahara desert, the Middle East and the Himalayas. They want to tell stories with their photography and are happy to inspire you.  Is it possible to have Photolovers as artist name on the website?  


Dominique Vari is a creative explorer and Nature lover based in London. In our chaotic world, her mission is to share positivity through modern and colourful creations, which vary from typography, illustrations, collages, and photography. Often inspired by Nature and Matisse, she celebrates her favourite themes including 'New Horizons', 'Women Empowerment', 'The power of shape and colour', 'floral and tropical nature' with a minimalist approach and her love for mid to late century designs. Always aware of latest trends, she continues to explore new styles and creates eclectic collections that brings more beauty and happiness to everyday life. 

Eugene Soloviev

Eugene Soloviev. Created 'Imagine Dragons - Night Visions' cover. Saatchi Art featured artist. Worked with Universal, Sony, HTC, Wired and more.His artworks are about reality verging towards the impossible: gravity disappears, landscapes turn up-side-down, people and outer space collide. Evgenij says viewers may see loneliness or sadness in his works, but these feelings aren’t there. Instead, he insists that people must find themselves within his artworks, or extract their own narrative. The key is that the viewer must think, not just observe, because his artworks are equally physiologic as they are aesthetic.Completely self-educated, Evgenij began creating in 2006 using primarily Photoshop and Corel Painter. Since then, he has also added Cinema 4d to his toolbox, a compliment that helps him to keep his photos as realistic as possible. He draws inspirations from many, but mainly Robert Parke Harrison, Scott Mutter and Jerry Uelsmann.


Florent Bodart is a visual artist recently based in Paris after having travelling during one year around Europe. His artworks are inspired by Nature, Technology and things of the past. His creative process usually includes some time drawing, painting and working with concrete tools before exploring further the possibilities offered by computers.


I have always loved to create and I was swinging between painting and clothes design. I didn’t pursue my dreams until a few years ago when I decided to quit my corporate job and I have started to paint again. I love people and nature with all its colors, shapes, patterns, and that is what inspires me in creating my artworks.


I don’t like limitations; my art is the only place where I really do what I want and let my creativity flow.

Katherine Polack

Dive into the serene world of ocean art with me. I'm a Canadian-Peruvian artist nestledalong a Southern Ontario beach in Canada. I find endless inspiration in the beauty andpurity of marine life—a world that has captivated me since my childhood along thePacific Coast in Lima, Peru.My art is a visual journey, a story beyond the canvas to help us rediscover andreconnect with ourselves. Combining the tranquility of the ocean and its vibrant colours,I aim to create a moment of stillness- a pause in time - where you can find uninterruptedpeace in your day.My creations invite you to release, reflect, and find joy in the simplicity of a moment. Forme, art becomes more than a piece on the wall—it's a subtle dialogue between nature,art, and the serenity we all seek.


Amsterdam-based artist Maarten Léon describes his work as clean surrealism with a nod to vintage design. Inspired by inner thoughts and everyday life, vintage pictures and ads often depict the absurdities Maarten experiences. His ultimate goal in his work is to find the perfect balance between the aesthetics and the story.


Maheera Shafiq, known as lnkedhours on social media, is a Communication Designer who strives to fit in this society while trying to keep her saniiy intact. She satisfies weird cultural norms by working as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, through which she also portrays her daily struggles and experiences on an empty canvas. Her work is the outcome of her feelings and thoughts caused by everyday experiences and the things she is passionate about. She loves to experiment with different forms and colors such as saturated hues and neon. 


Mareike Böhmer is an artist from Germany. Her graphics and photography artworks reflect her love for nature, Scandinavian design and colors.


Most of the time, this world is not such a nice place. I love to photograph the symbols of the world I see and “freeze” them for a moment. Subject and objects that I photograph is something that we all see on a daily base, but we often miss the tiny, magic moments because of our busy life. I am thrilled when I am able to capture those “in between moments” , the emotions and transfer the energy and vibe of it. After all, emotions is what makes us human. Needless to say, most of my photographs are in B&W because I am  crazy in love in film noir style, elegance and simplicity and subconscious mind. 


Muthyger is a Design Studio that creates contemporary designs from Germany.  To bring your home, office, and spaces to life with the balance of style and a sense of well-being, they are always anxious to combine design with art. Muthyger is about typography, combining elements, photography, paintings and love for ironic twinkles. 


The Berlin based artist is drawn to urban landscape and the lines she finds in architecture. Her artworks are inspired by the latest trends and traveling as well as creative experiments. Unique and captivating moments are created in classical monochrome cityscapes and in minimalist landscapes. By trying to make art that she herself would like to have on her walls, she’s maintained a visionary integrity that appeals to art lovers worldwide.


Orara Studio believes art is a visual diary, it can evoke a feeling, trigger a memory or be symbolic. In their creative process, they love to work in many styles and mash different genres together. Orara Studio's artworks are created from photographs, paintings, drawings and daily doodles.


In the past, I studied philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. In the present, I digitally manipulate old photos, magazines, comics and slides. My goal is to explore a space where the past, present, fiction, fantasy and reality all exist as one.


I don't have any formal training in arts and my creative voyage started with a lot of curiosity and the urge to experiment. I recently discovered how much I love making collages and I'm very grateful far finding this wonderful form of expression. In every single collage I create I try to surpass the boundaries of reality and I perceive it like a journey, a puzzle, a labyrinth of senses that are interconnected on a piece of paper. The process nurtures my incurable dreamy mind, it allows me to play with my strange ideas and images and it's a guaranteed receipt for making my heart smile. 


Samar Kamel is an Egyptian artist, curator and author known for works that examine cultural attitudes towards women and aim to transform stereotypes through vibrant depictions of the modern woman. With over 70 international art exhibitions and art fairs across the world, Kamel has exhibited in China, Oxford, Amsterdam , Barcelona. Tokyo, Oman, Egypt, USA and all over the UAE. Her work is part of the permanent collection of the Bursa Museum of Immigration History, Turkey. A skilled artist, Kamel indulges her passion for painting by exploring different media (oil, acrylic, nail polish, tea bags, ink transfer) and traditional techniques as brush work, impasto, cross hatching, and collage. Having acquired her curatorial certification from the Sotheby's lnstitue of Art, Kamel has been the curator For world Art Dubai since the year 2019. She has also served as a mentor and panelist for amateur artists and art competitions in Dubai.


Septian Bayu Abdullah is an Indonesian based digital artist. "Keep your imagination alive". 


Born in India, Shivam Choudhary is a young multi-skilled designer who uses his vision as graphic designer to combine with his understanding of space as an interior designer to create diverse artworks as per interior styles.He is inspired by nature, emotions, feelings and surreal nature of our deep thoughts. He believes that art and design are similar to our thoughts as they can never be completely separated from one another.

Shivani Radia

Shivani Radia is a visual artist currently living and working in Nairobi, Kenya. Inspired by the wonders of nature, she experiments with vibrant, female-centered portraits, incorporating reflective mediums and think textures, as well was textured abstract art and animal prints.  

Steve Wade

 I am Steve (Swadeillustrations) an illustrator and designer. I have always had a passion for art and design. Nature definitely inspires me the most within my work. I love all the different shapes, textures, creatures, sounds and colours within it. Mountains and forests are especially a big inspiration. I also love making quirky illustrations that can brighten up your day. 

Su Barikan

Su Barikan, a visual artist and designer, was born in Istanbul in 1984. She studied fine arts in high school, which laid the foundation for her future endeavors in the fields of fine arts, fashion design, interior design, and philosophy. Her education began in Istanbul, where she studied interior design; having been accepted into the Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Pass Program in Italy, at Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro Palazzo Spinelli, Florence.   The artist lived in the Netherlands from 2010-2014; she attended a program in Amsterdam at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, which focused on installations & contemporary art. Later on, she studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague for two years and she received a scholarship from the academy. During her studies in the Netherlands she enjoyed the most visual designs of robots which she collaborated with TU Delft: Delft University of Technology.  


The Miuus Studio was created to invite more art to our world in an easy way. We believe that surrounding yourself with beauty in places where we live and work is important.


My name is Vladyslav Naidenov (3rd.window). I am a Ukrainian artist specializing in spiritual and psychedelic art, I convey my style with the help of digital art and collage art. I started working on my collages a year ago, after 2 months my work was added to the "VisualSpirit", my work became the most viewed in this public after another half a month, my work was bought for a coffeeshop in Texas. I mainly work with a foreign audience.